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Sober Free Rooming House

Halfway houses – also known as sober living homes – are residences that provide a drug and alcohol-free environment for newly sober people.

Transitioning to a halfway home is a beneficial step after completing inpatient treatment, or while enrolled in an outpatient treatmentprogram. Halfway houses are usually more affordable than residential rehab programs, offer peer support and other services, and can be a bridge between the support of a treatment center and the temptations of the “real world.”

Sober living homes are group homes for addicts. Homes are usually located in a quiet area to help ensure a peaceful environment for addicts to recover.

 People who live in sober living facilities can usually come and go as they please as long as they follow certain rules. For example, sober living houses may require residents to be home by a certain time or to go to work during the day. Residents are also usually subject to random drug tests to prove that they are sober.

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Our Mission is been committed to promote, enhance and support recovery for men and women affected by mental illness, developmental disabilities and substance abuse by utilizing an evidence-based, comprehensive and person-centered approach.

Below are services and rules of house located in Hopewell. house will be open within the next few weeks. 

All residents have 30 days to get a job. will provide training for resumes, GED’s, continuing Education, and computer training. 

All residents must attend daily meetings

Residents must sign and follow all rules. work hand in hand with the courts, jails, and probation. 

Progress Reports will be given as needed. 

For questions call 804-731-6623

 manages 12 recovery beds for men.  

Residential Services

We provide residential services to individuals who:

  have been encouraged to seek recovery or have chosen to seek recovery for the first time

  are recovery-resistant and have a history of relapse

  are re-entering society from jails, prisons or other institutions

  are seeking aftercare once they leave a treatment center

A relapse can result in immediate eviction. 

Mandatory attendance of 14 12-step meetings of Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous each week as well as all recovery related & relapse prevention groups daily, exercise, faith based groups, and yoga

Peer to peer recovery support services daily 

Residents are also required to attend a weekly fellowship dinner, recovery worship or church service, and do daily chores.

The standard of recovery housing means:

random drug testing

A relapse results in immediate eviction. 

A10 pm curfew for the first 30 days

Mandatory attendance of 5 meetings of Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous each week 

Residents are also required to attend a weekly fellowship dinner, weekly mediation or church services and do daily chores. HOUSE RULES is for those who want recovery; it is for those who want our experience.

1. House rules are subject to change at management’s discretion.

2. Any of the following activities will result in immediate eviction with no refund:

a. relapsing

b. stealing

c. violating your curfew

d. fighting

e. excessive loudness

3. No illegal behavior of any kind is permitted on the property or elsewhere while you are a resident.

4. When you leave, your belongings leave with you. If you do not take them, they will be bagged and left on the back porch for two days.

5. Mobile phones will be taken for at least the first 14 days of your residency and given back at the discretion of the staff.

6. The use of mobile phones is not allowed during 12-step meetings, groups, house meetings or during church. All participants must turn in their phones at 8:30 on weekdays unless given permission to keep it. Violation of this prohibition will result in confiscation of your phone for an undetermined period of time.

7. Embracing the principles of either AA or NA is required.

9. You must arrive for 12-step meetings at as well as mandatory outside meetings at least 30 minutes early. You are also required to stay for 30 minutes after the meeting to fellowship with other recovering addicts.

13. Relationships with anyone at are not allowed.

14. Gambling and the use of pornography are not permitted while on property or while you are a resident.

16. Expect random drug testing. Refusal to submit to testing is an admission of guilt and grounds for immediate eviction with no refund of any kind.

17. During your first 30 days at, you have a curfew of 10:00 pm.

18. No loud noise (stereos, TVs, phones, computers, video consoles, etc.) in or near

your residence after 10:00 pm.

19. You are not permitted to have any guests at your residence. If someone is giving you a ride, they must remain outside the residence in their vehicle. This includes members of your family.

20. All food must be stored in the kitchen; it cannot be stored under your bed, in your dresser or closet or anywhere else outside of the kitchen. Eating outside the kitchen or the eating area is not permitted.

21. You have 30 minutes after you have finished a meal to clean up all your dishes.

22. Do not eat (steal) food that is not yours; ask permission first.

23. House chores must be completed as they are assigned and at the time scheduled.

24. House meetings are scheduled by the house manager. Attendance is mandatory.

Emergency house meetings can be called at any time. Do not arrive late.

25. Limit calls on the house phone to 10 minutes if someone is waiting to use the


26. Your personal area, such as the area in and around your bed, must be kept clean.

27. Do not leave your clothes in washer or dryer after the cycle has finished.

28. Do not fraternize with neighbors.

29. Be prepared to take positive criticism and to give it in a respectful, helpful manner. In general, be kind, caring, and compassionate to other residents.

30. Your program dues and rent must be paid on time weekly (see contract for details).

31. If you owe money, it is mandated that you work at on the weekends. There should be people there at all times from 12:00 to 5:00 pm. See the assigned weekend staff for duties.

32. If you are employed, go to work. 

33. You are required to attend a church or recovery service.

34. There is a mandatory house meeting on the first Sunday of every month that all participants must attend.

Call 804-731-6623